Who are we?

Green Connexion (GC) is a group of Environmental and Biological interest. It acts for Biodiversity and environmental Conservation. * Association N° 00000156/RDA/J06/BAPP du 31 janvier 2011; * Trade Register Nº: RC/YAO/2010/A/0824.


Capacity building stipulated by the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation will pass through collaboration; and the need of various competences in the building of multidisciplinary projects requests complementarity.


Universities, Organizations, Laboratories, Business, traders, pharmacies etc. dealing with plants. If your budget can’t allow you opening an office in Tropical Africa Green Connexion is happy to represent you in Cameroon.

Organization of meetings

If you are planning to hold a meeting in Cameroon: Work meeting, table-ronde, conference, seminar, workshop etc., Green Connexion is happy to organize it for you in a professional way.


Education is one of the most important activities of Green Connexion. In fact, Objective IV recommends the promotion of Education and awareness about plant diversity, its role in sustainable livelihoods and importance to all life on earth.


Green Connexion is aware that all conservation initiative is directed towards the public, and believes that communication will be the first tool in this context.

Plants collecting

Plants’ collecting and good identification is the first resource of all plant’s professionals. Researchers, teachers, town planners, gardeners, botanists, physiologists, pharmacists, chemists, biochemists, ethnobotanists etc.

Green Connexion

Study, to better sustain, in order to better conserve cameroonian and tropical African plants.

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The risks incurred at work are many; all depend of the type of activity. It is an obligation to assure the security of the workers in all areas o

Some exploration of Green Connexion

Some exploration of Green Connexion

Green Connexion et ses membres à l’NHPC pour la journée Mondiale de la Biodiversité

Le projet hydroélectrique de Nachtigal Amont (420 MW), qui comprend la construction de barrages en béton compacté au rouleau (BCR), d’un can

Green Connection and its members to IUCN for the World Biodiversity Day

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is amembership Union uniquely composed of both government and civil society o

Green Connexion’s actions for the conservation of freshwater plants

Green Connexion’s actions for the conservation of freshwater plants in Cameroon (2014 – 2016). Preasious Forbi, Marlène Ngansop T., Mireil

Sanaga: A very solicited River.

Marlène Ngansop, Preacious Forbi & Jean-Paul Ghogue. Green Connexion (May 04th, 2017)   Localization of River Sanaga in Cameroon.


(Français) Quelques Curriculum Vitae des acteurs potentiels.

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