Collection of Podostemaceae seeds for transplantation

Collection of Podostemaceae seeds for transplantation

By Tchomcheni Aude Jolie

As part of the overall aquatic plant support for the Nachtigal project, the Green Connexion team carried out between the end of 2021 and the first months of 2022, on the site of the Nachtigal dam construction site, an operation collection of seeds of Ledermanniella (Podostemaceae) intended for translocation and the seed bank. The activities carried out within the framework of the said mission were the prospecting of the site, the geolocation of the populations still present, and finally the actual collection of the seeds.

The collection of seeds was done at the same time as the taking of geographical data, the identification and the collection of botanical samples. Two types of collection were carried out: Direct collection of seeds that had fallen from open capsules on the rocks, as well as collection of mature capsules that were still closed.

With regard to prospecting, in the area going from upstream to downstream of the Nachtigal site area, it appears that:

• 07 sites were visited at a place called Grand Batardeau;

• 03 sites were visited at a place called Usine;

• 01 site was visited at a place called Residence.

– For all priority species at risk, seeds were collected: Ledermanniella sanagaensis (#100 g), L. thalloidea (# 200 g), L. sp. nov. (#300g) and L. linearifolia (#50g).

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