Conservation & Research


Green Connexion acts in many different directions, all related to Conservation, environmental and Biological Sciences.

Field trips organisation

Generally it’s not an easy task preparing a fieldtrip to be held in a place where naturally you are not presently. Green Connexion can help you. If you have a project or are planning to do a fieldtrip in Cameroon, you can be relaxed, because we can prepare for you any single detail of your fieldtrip professionnaly. Whatever the number of participants to your mission, let us know and we will take care of everything : Research permits’ application, communication, advice, reservation, care taking from the beginning to the end of the mission. Once in your life, do your research activity as a preferential.

Plants collecting

Professionals or amateurs in the plants domain, researchers, teachers, town planners, gardeners, botanists, physiologists, pharmacists, chemists, biochemists, ethnobotanists etc., if you whish to collect biological material from plants for your research or for your activity, herbarium specimens, seeds or any other part of the plant, silicate gel material for DNA study or spirit material for morphological or anatomical study, save time and money!  Green Connexion can take care of the job and will collect your material in the best professional standards way and in regulatory frame.

Collaboration to research activities

North-South or south-south collaboration, there is a true advantage in associating local researchers (native  or originating from the area where you want to carry out your research) to your research activity:  You mutually share your experiences, and among others, you gain from local researchers their field knowledge. If you want to carry out your research activity in Cameroon and whish to have an effective collaboration, Green Connexion is the best qualified to put at your disposal the most adapted person to your activity with the required qualifications.
Also, if you are looking for a student to start with into your research activity, please contact Green Connexion and define the required qualifications for the student you are looking for. Green connexion will recommend you one among the best and you will be totally satisfied.


UNIVERSITIES, ORGANIZATIONS, LABORATORIES, BUSINESS, TRADERS, PHARMACIES etc., you deal with plants whatever your speciality is, if you whish to be famous but your budget can’t allow you opening an office in Tropical Africa; or you already have a project that you want to publish or carry out in Tropical Africa etc., Green Connexion will stand as the providential intermediary that you are looking for. Green Connexion is the best that can represent you at lower cost wherever and whenever. In fact it has the best specialists in term of representation in the domains as varied as environment, health, social science…
Also, meetings and workshops etc., if you can’t attend, this is no more a disaster. At low cost Green Connexion can represent you by a specialist who will send you a detailed and faithful report at the end of the meeting.

Organisation of meetings

If you are planning to hold a meeting in Cameroon: Work meeting, table-ronde, conference, seminar, workshop etc., Green Connexion is ready to organise it for you and at a low cost without forgetting any single detail. This will avoid lateness and last minute hurriedly. In the other hand this gives you time to prepare your own talk and to settle other details peacefully. We take care of reservations (travel fares, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, retro and slides projectors etc.), we take care of participants’ transportation from their arrival in the country until their departure. We also take care of the restoration etc. You can be reassured, Green Connexion will settle details perfectly and you will certainly appreciate. Like this you will be discharged from any form of stress related to the organization. Finally, by liberating yourself, this helps you starting the meeting in all your freshness. Try it and you will tell to others.


In fact, Green Connexion int. is devoted to nature protection and conservation (Environment and biodiversity)…

Its currents projects in this domain are:

  1. The conservation of a very threatened Freshwater plant family: the Podostemaceae
  2. The protection and the restoration of a threaten habitat: the Mangrove in the Wouri estuary
  3. Improvement of the reforestation systems in the Cameroon drylands
  4. Participation to Renewable Energy development programs.


Green Connexion is a scientific organization. Therefore, its members currently carry out research in various domains: Phytogeography,Systematic, Ecology, Forestry, Chemistry, Ethnobotany as well as Social Sciences.

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