Green Connexion and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Green Connexion and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

By participating in COP 14 on biodiversity this year, Green Connexion is fulfilling a child’s dream of any environmental organization. Nonetheless, the terms of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) are the very foundation of the creation of Green Connexion. Therefore, between the CBD and Green Connection exists an existential link. Already in its global strategy for the conservation of biodiversity in 2012, just one year after its official launch, Green Connexion already recognized that the CBD was the best model on which any organization recognizing itself in the protection of biodiversity and environment should base its strategy.

It was written: “Green Connexion is an environmental group. For the conservation of biodiversity, its strategy is essentially modeled on that of the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity), and is based on the National Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity (NBSAP) in Cameroon. For the protection of the environment, Green Connnexion respects the Cameroonian law N ° 96/12 of 05 August 1996, framework law on environmental management, Title III, Chapter V on the management of natural resources and the conservation of biological diversity Article 62 “. That was six years ago, and even today, the experience of the job gives reason to the founders who had taken this option originally and launched the organization in the best way.

Dr Cristiana Paşca PALMER, Secretary General of the CBD and Dr Jean-Paul GHOGUE, Coordinator of Green Connexion. Sharm El Sheikh, 20 November 2018. Photo @ greenconnexion, 2018.

The same is true for education and capacity development, which are of great concern to Green Connexion. If we stick to a limited framework, we can note that object IV of the Global Strategy for the Conservation of Plants (SGCP) recommends the promotion of Education and awareness about plant diversity, its role in sustainable livelihood and its importance to all life on earth. In Target 14 of this Objective, the SGCP recommends incorporating the importance of plant diversity and the need for its conservation into communication, education and public awareness programs.

Green Connexion is actively seeking funding to support academic internships for students in the areas of biodiversity conservation and environmental protection; to organize educational discussions and seminars; to publish and educational posters and brochures; and to organize radio and television programs on conservation. Thus, Green Connexion will put its knowledge of nature at the service of environmental education of young people; its aim is to create or improve the emotional response of the child to the natural element.

Likewise, in its Objective V, the SGCP recommends capacity building and public enthusiasm to implement the Strategy; and in Target 15, it recommends a sufficient number of trained people working with the appropriate means, in relation to the national needs to achieve the Targets of the Strategy. Green Connexion is fully committed to this goal. His plan is to generally seek solutions for the

Dr. Jean-Paul GHOGUE, Coordinator of Green Connexion, posing with a group of young hosts and hostesses of COP 14. Sharm El Sheikh, November 22, 2018. Photo @ greenconnexion 2018.

implementation of the GSTP in Cameroon and in tropical Africa, but concretely, to seek funding for more social and environmental projects, in which it will be possible to train more people in the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of the environment. For example, for people to be trained in ecotourism, renewable energy techniques, forestry, crafts, food preservation, etc.

Sharm El Sheikh, November 23rd, 2018. (Dr. JP. GHOGUE)

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