Sowing podostemaceae seeds

Sowing podostemaceae seeds

By Dr Kenfack Voukeng


Sowing seeds is the final phase of the translocation process of a species. It is subsequent to the choice of appropriate sites as was the case above. In the case in point and for the priority species at risk that concern us (Ledermanniella sanagaensis, L. thalloidea, L. linearifolia and L. sp.), this operation was carried out in the Mpem river from March 16 to 28, 2022.

However, before sowing the seeds on the rocks, a few precautions are essential, namely sweeping and then washing the rock (with sand in the absence of a brush, or with a wet sponge). Once the rocks had been cleaned and washed, the seeds were sown using two methods: the wet method, which consisted of wetting the surface of the rock before spreading the seeds on it; and the dry method which involved spreading the seeds directly on the cleaned and dried rock surface.

10 rocks in total located in 6 sites were sown.

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